Market development requires high-quality confectionery machinery


Market development requires high-quality confectionery machinery

For confectionery products, large packaging or gift sets are of course both important. But if you want to become a strong brand in the confectionery market or quickly grow the confectionery market, you need to plan and distribute deeply. This means that not only do you need to launch different volumes and packaging products in the same type of hypermarket at the same time, targeting the needs of different market segments respectively, but you also need to launch different volumes and packaging products in different categories and sizes of sales terminals according to the differences in sales channels to meet differentiated consumer needs.

From the survey, it is clear that 32.1% of consumers think that the candy is most suitable to be designed in a 3 RMB bag, ranking first in the consumer choice ratio. This is followed by 21.4% of consumers who think that a $5 bag would be the most appropriate. In third place, 14.3% of consumers thought that a $2 bag would be the most suitable. At the same time, 8.0%, 8.0%, 7.3%, and 8.9% of consumers thought that the confectionery product was best designed in a bag of $1, $4, $6, and $7 more, respectively, a very low consumer choice rate. The survey results show that $3, $5, and $2 a bag candy packaging is the most suitable for consumer needs.

Confectionery Machinery

Ever-changing confectionery machinery

In many growth markets, confectionery producers are primarily focused on improving the quality of their products. Whether they can successfully compete with imported products, make higher profits, or enter new markets. This requires state-of-the-art processing technology, as the technology used is decisive for product quality. Packaging technology for all these products complements the confectionery manufacturer's product offering.

Domestic confectionery machinery products and technologies are changing by the day, and the super gold mine that is the confectionery machinery market is gradually giving off a dazzling golden glow. Pouring machines, boiling sugar pots, melting sugar pots, sandwich machines, and other high quality, technically advanced confectionery production lines have been launched, both in terms of technology and grade.

Manufacturers need to meet market demand

Other innovations that confectionery companies expect from manufacturers of confectionery machinery are aimed at increasing the economy and efficiency of machines and equipment: rapid product and packaging format changes in the shortest changeover times, easy cleaning with low resource consumption, and a high degree of flexibility in packaging equipment are also important, and all these solutions help to optimize energy consumption.

Product variety, fast innovation cycles, new flavors, shapes, and functional packaging are all success factors and challenges for confectionery manufacturers. For our confectionery machinery manufacturers, it is essential to insist on product improvements and quality enhancements, to strengthen the variation and meet new customer demands.

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