The history of confectionery machinery and the principles of its use


Candy machinery

Candy machinery is mainly used for the production and packaging of candy. Commonly used and the production of sugar machinery function as soft candy, hard candy, crispy candy, lollipops, rice flower candy, boiled sugar equipment products. And sugar packaging machinery is often used in the sugar industry. Sugar machinery and equipment, candy machinery, and other mechanical products like packaging need to be simple, do not require too much human control, can be applied to sugar production and The production of delicious candy products.

Working principle

There are various types of confectionery machines on the market. Depending on the type of confectionery, confectionery machines are divided into chocolate machines, malt machines, fudge machines, etc.

However, the basic principle of candy production is more or less the same but differs only according to the characteristics of the raw material and the shape of the candy.

The following will only be a brief introduction to hard candy machinery and marshmallow machinery.

The process flow of hard candy is: dissolving sugar - vacuum boiling sugar - mixing - cooling - forming - cooling - inner wrapping - outer wrapping. First of all, the raw materials for candy making are melted in a sugar boiling machine at a high temperature of about 109 degrees Celsius. The melted syrup is put into a vacuum boiling machine at 120 degrees Celsius, mixed in a mixer, cooled in a cooling machine and then made into a shape, which is cooled for 3 minutes on a conveyor belt and then ready for inner wrapping. However, the temperature should be adjusted carefully. The final product is the outer wrapping, which becomes the candy we buy on the street!

The candyfloss machine, often seen on the streets and is a favorite with children, works on the simplest of principles: centrifugal force. The sugar is first heated through a tank of liquefied petroleum gas to make it semi-molten and is then thrown out by the centrifugal force of an electrically rotating flywheel driving the machine's speeding gears, which cools in the air and turns it into cotton wool.

The principle of candy machinery all have one thing in common - melting, then processing, cooling, shaping, and packaging.

Candy machinery

Product characteristics

There are many different kinds of confectionery machines, and the confectionery machines used to make different kinds of confectionery are also different. Of course, as the confectionery raw materials all have similar properties, modern confectionery machines' characteristics are also similar.

At present, domestic confectionery machines are mainly made of metal. With the development of high technology, confectionery machinery will gradually be replaced by confectionery production lines, which combine the properties of different confectionery machines, thus saving the trouble of going from one machine to another and from one process to the next, saving time and even more labor costs. And the confectionery line saves a lot of unnecessary processes, which makes production more efficient.

The principle of confectionery machinery is similar, and the main thing is to first melt the candy raw materials for processing. Deep processing, flavor neutralization, etc., then put into specific machines for cooling, into the designed product shape, and finally pack it with a packaging machine so that it can be taken out and sold. The most important part of the candy machinery is the sugar boiling machine and the packaging machine.

Product classification

Confectionery has a long history, and confectionery machinery was created with confectionery and the human mechanization revolution.

Candy is made of sugar, powdered syrup (precipitate or other table sugar), or permitted sweeteners, food coloring as the main raw material, according to certain production process requirements made of solid or semi-solid sweet food.

In China, sweets are handed out at festivals or happy events to express the joy of the occasion. Because the technical content of candy manufacturing is not high, the raw materials for candy are also simple, and sales are good, many businesses have seen this business opportunity to enter the candy production industry. Therefore, there are various kinds of candy machines for candy manufacturing, and the classification of candy machines is also quite complicated.

First of all, because of the many types of candy and different materials and shapes, most candy machinery can only produce candy. Candy machinery is also named according to the name of the production of candy, such as the production of chocolate candy machinery called chocolate machine, soft candy production called fudge machine, malt candy, dumpling candy, sandwich candy, etc.

Secondly, according to the function of the candy machinery and classification, with the development of science and technology, people have also invented the ability to produce various candy machinery. They will take the name multi-functional candy machine. Then, the different models of candy machinery can be divided into various, such as candy packaging machine, granule packaging machine, powder packaging machine, liquid packaging machine, etc.

Main uses

The main candy machinery production lines are:

  • Milk candy hard candy sandwich production line.
  • Flaky chewing gum production line.
  • Two-color fancy bubble gum production line.
  • Lollipop production line.
  • Hollow sphere-shaped bubble gum production line.
  • Hard candy puffing machine.
  • Two-color sandwich egg roll machine production line.
  • Sugarcoating machine, crushing machine, and other candy equipment.

The most common confectionery machinery include automatic turning sugar coating machine, milk candy production line/one flat and two knife carts, egg roll machine production line, high-speed crusher, chain type milk candy hard candy automatic forming production line, two-color bubble candy production line, spherical bubble candy production line, lollipop production line - hard candy insulation pulling machine, lollipop production line - stick candy forming machine, triple cooling machine, milk candy production line/680 type - mixer, xylitol chewing gum equipment, chewing gum production line/mixer, chewing gum production line/extruder, milk candy production line - forming machine die head, punching hard candy forming machine, etc.

Related literature

The development of candy mechanization in China is decades later than abroad. Still, China's development of candy machinery is amazingly fast, which is inseparable from certain folk customs in China. Chinese people like to choose to use colorful candies to express their blessings to their families and friends on festivals or changed days. Having beautiful packaging and sweet flavors adds to the excitement of a joyous time.

In ancient times people always liked to make sweets with honey. The first icing appeared in the Roman region and was called almond candy. Later, with the rise of the colonies, sugar cane became a widely available raw material, and merchants began to experiment with it for various confectionery recipes, making candies made from it much cheaper and then mass-produced and sold all over the world.

With the times in progress and the development of science and technology, China's food industry has also bought on a fast development track. Our confectionery industry has continued to improve with new products and a wide range of varieties. So far, China has become the second-largest confectionery market in the world.

These distinctions also let the national team candy machinery put forward more and higher requirements. Confectionery machinery and equipment are divided into pouring machines, boiling sugar pots, melting sugar pots, sandwich machines, soft and hard candy production lines, candy packaging equipment, and so on.

Why does candy need to be packaged? Because the packaging is good for the candy products to keep out moisture and heat, it helps prevent the oxidation of the product oil and prolong the life of the candy. Of course, packaging also helps protect the candy from microbial and dust contamination and protects the hygiene and safety of the product. In addition, the more beautifully packaged a product is, the more it attracts consumers' desires. Domestic confectionery products are packaged in twist-tie packaging, pillow packaging, and folded envelope packaging.

With the rapid development of the domestic confectionery industry, the competition of confectionery enterprises is also increasingly fierce. Confectionery enterprises want to get a place, must comply with the current market demand for change, in addition to the importance of product quality, but also need to pay attention to the field frequency of packaging, confectionery enterprises to take a steady pace in the increasingly competitive market, must be in line with the changes in market demand. In addition to improving production efficiency and product quality, but also must product will be beautifully packaged. The use of high-tech machinery, such as low-temperature sealing packaging film, twist knot packaging film, re-seal packaging surface material film, to shorten the gap between domestic manufacturers and developed countries.

The development trend of domestic candy machines is bound to start from the packaging of candy change. The direction of change of candy packaging must be towards high-speed automation, a machine multifunctional, and packaging design characteristics of development direction. With the development of information technology, China's candy enterprises will develop faster and faster and drive the development of the entire candy machinery industry. We may become the world's largest confectionery market shortly because we have 1.3 billion people who love confectionery.