What are the ways to pack lollipops?


What are the ways to pack lollipops?

Existing packaging methods

Nowadays, the packaging methods for sugar cubes and chocolate include twist packaging, pillow packaging, and folding packaging. Twisted packaging is an outdated packaging method. Sugar cubes are usually packaged in this way, which can be completed by high-speed, automated packaging machines and manual operations; pillow packaging was popular in the world in the 1970s. The world has initially prevailed since 1980. Because pillow packaging machines are trendy nowadays, a few candy and chocolate production companies now use pillow packaging. In foldable packaging, chocolate can be packaged in rolls, strips, or combined in this way. This packaging method has higher requirements for packaging arrangements and packaging materials.

The development trend of packaging methods

China's candy machinery and chocolate packaging machinery are still far from other countries. The problem is that the packaging equipment is low, the packaging materials are few, and the packaging quality is not high. If you want to reduce the distance from other countries, you can only develop the technology. Therefore, the packaging of sugar cubes and chocolate should be developed towards the high-speed automation of the packaging machine, the multi-functionality of the device, and the characteristic of the packaging plan.

In recent years, sugar block technology has achieved gratifying results in the introduction of collaboration and self-reliance. In terms of sugar block setting and arrangement, it has successively launched aerated toffee production lines, colloidal soft candy automatic lines, film vacuum instant cooking units, and cotton candy production lines. Packaging machinery includes a single-twist packaging machine, folding packaging machine, high-speed pillow packaging machine, and so on. In terms of chocolate equipment, there are multi-functional chocolate pouring lines, automatic chocolate composite products, chocolate extrusion molding lines, chocolate refiners, etc.

Chocolate consumption shows new growth points, and automated production enhances competitive advantage

The chocolate market

Recently, the chocolate products represented by Mylisel have become the best-selling products in the live broadcast, successfully driving a wave of chocolate enthusiasm. In fact, with the continuous improvement of people's living standards today, Chinese chocolate market has also shown an expansion momentum, and powerful chocolate brands have also begun to emerge in the market competition. The commissioning of a series of chocolate production lines also provides preconditions for chocolate brands to open the market.
For a long time, chocolate has mainly relied on high-end product positioning and given products with special meanings such as emotions, and it has promoted consumption. It is enough to see its fancy marketing from the various advertisements of Dove all over the big screen. However, with the collision of domestic and foreign chocolate brands in recent years and the diversified beauty products, nutritional health products, etc., occupying the eyes of consumers, competition in the chocolate market has become increasingly fierce.

In this market context, some chocolate brands that have developed relatively well in the past continue to innovate and strive for progress. Some emerging chocolate brands rely on specialized production lines and product research and development capabilities to grow with differentiated advantages gradually.

The chocolate raw materials

As we all know, chocolate's raw material ratio and taste have always been the most critical points when people consume it. However, traditional chocolate production mainly uses processing equipment with lower performance or manual processing. It isn't easy to make the chocolate slurry reach a higher-quality silky state in mixing raw materials, which has also become the key to Chinese chocolate's lack of competitive advantage.

In recent years, a Chinese snack brand has adopted fresh cocoa butter, sugar, milk powder, and other high-quality processing raw materials, through strict raw material ratio, equipped with chocolate slurry filter screen, coating machine, mixing tank, automatic conveyor belt, and other processing equipment to produce a low-fat and low-sugar chocolate with a better taste and more nutritional quality.It is reported that after processing with an automated mixing tank, the chocolate raw materials can be uniformly mixed in high-speed processing once they are combined, thereby creating smooth, soft, and delicate taste, fragrant truffle chocolate, dark chocolate, and more type product. At present, the brand's chocolate products have become the leading choice for the new generation of consumer groups.

The chocolate producer

To better meet the current consumer demand, some brands have built modern and standardized chocolate production plants around the research and development, and production of chocolate products in recent years. It is understood that a particular chocolate brand has built multiple automated chocolate production lines integrating mixing, mixing, pouring, cooling, demolding, conveying, drying, and packaging through factory reconstruction.

Not only that, but the chocolate production factory has also continuously strengthened the research and development of new products to produce diversified products such as flower tea chocolate and nut chocolate. Relevant people said that after the transformation of processing plants to automation and intelligence, the quality and efficiency of chocolate production could be better guaranteed. At present, the total annual output of chocolate has reached more than 10,000 tons.

Looking at the current market, it is not that the chocolate market is no longer hot. Still, it means that more healthy, nutritious, and diversified high-quality chocolate will become a new growth point for the market.