Toffee Production Process Standards


Toffee production process standards

1. Characteristics

Toffee is a high-grade confectionery with a caramel flavor, also known as butterscotch. It is rich in milk proteins and fats, with a delicate, lubricious, and fatty taste, harsh and slightly brittle, with a creamy yellow or brownish yellow color and luster. It has been the best of the confectionery varieties for a long time and is very popular among consumers.

2. Recipe

30kg of white sugar, 30kg of starch syrup, 30kg of whole fat sweetened condensed milk, 12.5kg of hydrogenated oil, 3kg of cream, 0.25kg of salt, and 28g of vanillin.

"Toffee Production Process"

3. Process flow


White granulated sugar, Starch syrup, Water, Condensed milk→ Dissolving tin → filtering → mixing (Salt, cream, hydrogenated oil)  → emulsification homogenization → caramelization reaction → concentration → cooling → molding → packaging → finished product


4. Operation points

(1) According to the requirements of the candy melting process, add sugar, starch syrup, and whole fat sweetened condensed milk to water and boil it, keep it for a moment after cooking to ensure that there is no granule of sugar, the boiling temperature is 105~107℃, the concentration of sugar liquid is about 75%, sieve to remove impurities.

(2) The dissolved dairy-containing sugar mixture, salt, and fats (cream, hydrogenated vegetable fats) are mixed and stirred at a low dry temperature of 90°C so that they are thoroughly mixed and then emulsified and homogenized by machinery (colloid mill or high-pressure homogenizer) to form a relatively stable and homogeneous emulsion.

(3) The protein-rich sugar solution is caramelized during the boiling process at high temperatures; the boiling temperature and boiling time directly affect the product's flavor. Generally, the boiling temperature is controlled at 122~125°C, if the caramelized is used for better effect. The boiling temperature of the caramelized is 118~122℃, and the boiling time is 30min.

(4) cooling molding depends on the specific situation, can also be similar to the milk sugar or meringue process method. If screw extrusion molding is adopted, hot packing is often used to pack the sugar bars after they have been extruded.

(5) Toffee is hard in texture, so fat with an appropriately high melting point should be used. Otherwise, the finished product will be soft and even deformed. If the protein content of the recipe is too low, the finished product will not have enough caramelized flavor.

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