Biscuit automated production line improves quality and expands production capacity


Biscuit automated production line improves quality and expands production capacity

With the upgrading of consumption structure, the casual snack industry as a significant food industry branch has shown an overall positive trend and faces fierce market competition. Among them, cookies, as one of the more popular categories, are being optimized through the cookie production line to continuously improve product quality and diversify the types and production automation.

In recent years, various cookie products have emerged in the market, from the earlier thin and crispy cookies, finger cookies, sandwich cookies to low-sugar cookies and cookies. In recent years, the overall growth rate of the cookie category is relatively fast. According to relevant data, the total retail sales of the cookie market in China reached 87.9 billion yuan in 2020, with a compound annual growth rate of 6.6% in the past five years, which shows that the cookie market has more room for development.

This shows that the cookie market has a lot of room for development. Not only that, but the change of cookie types is also enough to see that people's demand for cookies tends to be richer and richer in taste and nutritional quality, which also puts forward higher requirements for cookie manufacturers in China. At present, many biscuit manufacturers also focus on optimizing production equipment and processing technology to create high-capacity, high-quality biscuits.

Naturally, cranberry biscuits are not missing when it comes to the more popular biscuit products in recent years. Dried cranberries with the sweet taste of cookies this configuration, once made cranberry cookies become the Netflix cookies. With the rapid increase in market demand, many processing enterprises also see this opportunity by introducing the set of dough, crust, molding, baking, oil spraying, cooling, and equal to the integration of automated cookie production line, focus on the production of high-quality products.

It is reported that the thickness of cranberry biscuits will have a more significant impact on subsequent baking, cooling, and finished products. By using standardized molding equipment, the thickness of the biscuits can be better controlled to ensure that they are crispy and delicious. At the same time, the use of automated production lines can produce in large quantities and significantly reduce the contact between labor and raw materials during the processing process, which can better ensure food safety. At present, most cranberry biscuits on the market are individually packaged in a single piece by an automatic packaging machine, which is convenient to carry and prevents the biscuits from being damp, softened, and deteriorated after opening.

In addition to automated production lines to improve the quality of finished cookies, mechanical production equipment can also help manufacturers expand production capacity. It is understood that a food company in Hebei has now built a modern production workshop of 20,000 square meters. By introducing advanced wafer cookie production lines, cookie production lines, etc., directly every minute can output nearly 10,000 pieces of cookies, the total annual output of cookies is expected to reach 40,000 tons, improving the production advantages of China's cookie industry.

The cookie market now shows more excellent room for development. Still, it cannot be ignored that differentiated product advantages are the key for cookie producers to stand firm in the market. With the emergence of a series of cranberry cookies, low-sugar cookies, etc., enterprises are bound to improve product variety and quality while also focusing on empowering product production with automated production lines according to market demand to meet market demand better.