How to choose the cost-effective popping boba machine processing production line equipment


How to choose the cost-effective popping boba machine processing production line equipment

Popping boba pouring molding production line adopts PLC control system, fully automatic design. The machine combines machine, electricity, gas, control in one, electrical components, motor, electrical box, etc., using stainless steel waterproof splash-proof treatment; filter network for the Teflon (Teflon) material, aramid cloth sealing edge. With a high degree of automation; high production efficiency, the popping boba produced by the production line bright color, rounded, beautiful appearance, delicious taste.

The machine is equipped with a developed system, and the whole line can be fully automatic operation. After many improvements, the process is more convenient and straightforward. The entire production line is manufactured according to the food GMP standard, making it easy for food companies to pass the GMP, HACCP, QS, and other certifications.

Popping boba production line features advantages

1. Adopt a PLC control system, fully automatic design.The entire production line is made of stainless steel, in line with food hygiene standards. Combined with the production process of popping boba, the popping beads produced by the production line are bright in color, round and beautiful in appearance, and delicious in taste.

2. usually consists of blending system, molding system, filtering system, cleaning, and curing system, filling and sealing system, sterilization system, PLC control system, etc. The standard method of preparing popping boba is to use the drip forming machine to drip the inner juice material solution into the gel solution molding, cleaning, sterilization, filling.

popping boba, popping eggs production equipment with unique technology will be wrapped in a film of juice and other natural ingredients made by boiling, cooling, drying, and other processes. When the external force is slightly squeezed, popping boba crumble, flowing out of the internal juice, good taste, impressive. The existing flavors of popping boba are mango, lychee, strawberry, passion fruit, orange, cantaloupe, grape, blueberry, coconut, apple, chocolate, etc.

3. currently popping boba/popping egg production equipment products have been successfully applied to yogurt, milk tea, yogurt, and other dairy products. According to the product characteristics of popping boba, its application can be further expanded. From the process point of view, popping boba popping egg production equipment is simple. The product's main feature is the thickness of the outer film of popping boba and the flavor of the juice wrapped inside the blend of taste.

The main components and characteristics of popping boba

Popping smooth boba taste, with the tip of the tongue or teeth squeezes popping boba, the juice instantly ejected, giving a real taste impact.

The production of popping boba needs three kinds of liquid

1. Juice liquid (the liquid mainly contains tax, glucose syrup, calcium lactate, calcium chloride, sugar, guar gum, xanthan gum, fruit juice concentrate, malic acid, etc.), the liquid wrapped in the bead body inside.

2. Sodium alginate liquid, the liquid, consists of sodium alginate and water. It is used to wrap the juice liquid.

3. protective liquid, the liquid is mainly used to preserve the excellent popping boba. (The main components are water, fructose, etc.)

Shape: spherical, oval-shaped

Weight: 0.8g~1.2g/grain

Use: room temperature, low temperature, cold drinks are available; can be used for milk tea, fruit drinks, milk drinks, cake decoration, egg tart sandwich, ice porridge, etc.

Product items: fruit juice flavor (strawberry, mango, blueberry, green apple, sweet orange, lychee, grape, etc.), chocolate, etc.