Hulunbuir vitamin soft candy automatic production line manufacturer


Hulunbuir vitamin soft candy automatic production line manufacturer

SINOFUDE, as a well-known food machine of Shanghai brand, has experienced more than 20 years of development. It has developed from a single fudge depositing machine, chocolate depositing machine, and small biscuit machine to three factories. The product range covers all kinds of high-end chocolate and chocolate products and candies. It is a group company of fully automatic production lines for baking and baking products. 80% of its products are exported to more than 60 regions and regions, including Southeast Asia, Eastern Europe, and Africa.

In the past 20 years, we have continued to innovate and develop in technology and have greatly improved the processing and production level and technological level of existing products. At the same time, we have developed many new products according to market development and needs. Sugar production line, automatic and semi-auto Class small laboratory equipment, etc. Hantjqiu5sgg

The CNT series toffee, toffee, and toffee production lines are equipped for producing high-end semi-soft candies. According to different configurations, the production line can make different kinds of monochrome. Two-color candy, according to other filling devices.

Hulunbuir vitamin soft candy automatic production line manufacturer two toffee production line equipment composition and production process.

Production capacity can range from 150 kg to 450 kg per hour;

The related equipment completes each part, and the cooking equipment can be configured and increased or decreased at will according to the product type. Our company specially designs the impression of the casting part. The molding effect is good.

Working principle: After cooling and slicing, the sugar sticks enter the forming machine, and the sugar-feeding wheel Jiangtang sticks are fed into the rotary head under the action of friction and are drawn into the outer edge of the forming groove, and are squeezed by the sugar cutting wheel. The sugar sticks are pressed into the forming groove and broken into sugar lumps. At the same time, the sugar punching rod moves forward under the push of the cam, pushing the sugar lumps into the forming hole, shoveling it down into the sugar unloading bucket, and falling into the vibrating screen. , After the sugar cubes have cooled, they can be packaged.

9.7-inch large LED touch screen display is easier to operate;
CLM-S series semi-automatic starch mold soft essence production line is specially developed and manufactured by SINOFUDE to meet the demand of small and medium-sized customers for starch mold pouring equipment. According to the production process of starch mold soft sugar, the equipment is divided into three major parts: boiling capsule part. We are mixing powder impression pouring amounts—sugar powder processing part. The related equipment completes each piece. The boiling equipment can be configured and increased or decreased according to the type of product and the degree of automation. Our company specially designs the impression of the pouring part. Good molding effect. High quality.

Features and technical parameters of toffee pouring and molding line

Most of the functions can be operated on the touch screen, and a computer can control the online filling well of flavor pigment. By replacing some devices and setting parameters, it can produce hard candy of spraying flower, sandwich, double-color, and double-fold, left and right double-color, etc. If you add different functions of boilers equipment, molds, some functional devices and change the cooling tunnel, the line can be multi-functional to produce hard wang—lollipop, toffee, gel fudge, etc.

The line mainly consists of a sugar melting pot, storage drum, unique boiling pot for toffee, pouring unit, cooling tunnel, etc. It can produce sandwich toffee, sandwich toffee (Ecoli), and other candies.