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Confectionery production line operation instruction and critical control points.
Receiving material → sugar → filtering → vacuum boiling → cooling → adding auxiliary materials → blending → forming → inner sieving package → finished product inspection → outer package → storage.

1. Material collection.
①The particular person will get the production notice issued by the sales department from the raw material warehouse
② according to the single to determine the required raw materials and calculate their quantities, after receiving the corresponding position in the workshop and placed neatly
Points to note: (1) check the variety and quantity of raw materials (2) when pulling strips, should check the safety of pulling carts, etc., at the same time should be particularly careful of raw materials fall caused by waste

2. Sugar melting
Add 30% solids water, pour in the weighed sugar, turn on the steam for sugar melting, wait for the sugar to be melted and boiled, the air pressure is controlled at 0.38-0.42MPa, the temperature is controlled at 105℃-110℃.
Note: Temperature control


3. Filtration
①Strainer mesh is 300 mesh.
②filter wire is often checked and cleaned in time after use.
Attention: the filter is clean and intact.

4. Vacuum boiling
①Concentrate the molten sugar paste by vacuum, control the air pressure at 0.7-0.8MPa, control the temperature at 145℃.
② 30kg±1kg of sugar paste per pot put it into the cooling pool
Note: Control of concentration temperature

5. Cooling
①Cool the sugar paste in the cooling pool to 110℃-115℃
Attention: temperature control

6. Adding auxiliary materials and blending
①Place a cooled sugar paste on the table, add colouring, supplemental materials, flavouring, repeatedly turn over and fold evenly.
Note: the auxiliary materials are turned over evenly.
②Place the turned sugar paste in the cooling pool, fold and calm, cool to 80℃-90℃ can be pulled.
Attention: temperature control.

7. Forming
①Put the cooled sugar paste on the case or roller bed for pulling strips.
②The size, thickness and thickness of the drawn strips are required to be the same for machine forming.
③The formed sugar granules are cooled by cooling a vibrating sieve.
Note: Keep the strips even and consistent when operating

8. Screening
①Select the sugar granules coming down from the vibrating screen and select the unformed waste sugar.
Attention: selection of unqualified products.

9. Inner packaging
①Disinfection before entering the packaging.
②Pillow pack requirements: accurate computer tracking, vertical and horizontal sealing temperature to meet the needs of sealing effect.
③Twisted package requirements: twisted symmetrical, the inner paper must be corrected in the centre, both sides of the twisted knot must be twisted two and a half turns, and the winding part is not broken.

10. Finished product inspection
The inspector will randomly take samples from the inner wrapping workshop and inspect them according to the relevant standards of this product. Make original records and issue inspection reports.

11. Overpacking
After the inspection of qualified products sent to the outsourcing workshop for packaging, external packaging bags and cartons for a production date, name labelling and net content of the test.

12. Storage
The products that have passed the factory inspection enter the warehouse and are issued with a receipt.

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