How can we avoid the problem of injury caused by the automation of Confectionery-Machinery?


With the increasing progress of food processing technology, the degree of automation of food packaging is also progressing from time to time; now, the development of candy machinery is moving towards high-speed, multi-functional and intelligent control direction, microelectronics, computers, innovative and image sensing technology will be more and more common use. The use of pneumatic skills in candy machinery, intelligence, network will become a particular trend.

To avoid candy machinery "injury" incident, we have higher requirements for the production of candy machinery.

Search on Google candy machinery will find many candy machinery "injury" events. However, there are reasons for improper operation, but there are inevitably in the candy machinery production design errors.

The safety of candy machinery is closely linked to the quality of candy, which requires mechanical products not to allow the existence of design flaws (bugs), so we put forward higher requirements for the production of candy machinery.

The quality and safety of confectionery are related to the most urgent real interests of the people, the quality of life and health of the people, the government's image, and more importantly, the continuation of a nation and the future development of the country.

Especially the confectionery industry. It is difficult to say that the current prominent "candy safety" problems and candy machinery production and packaging stage errors are not related. Multiple manual contact links and substandard mechanical material contact must be one of the hidden dangers of candy safety.

Confectionery-equipment safety control

The safety of candy, personal health, economic development and social stability has a significant impact.

For equipment manufacturers, how to avoid mechanical injuries?

1. On safety, the introduction of mechanical protection into the design and manufacture of machinery can effectively avoid the safety risks to staff injuries, prevent all kinds of casualties, and promote the safe production of candy processing enterprises.

2. On health, the mechanical design of health requirements into the design and manufacture of candy and equipment can effectively prevent the migration of harmful components of equipment materials to the sweet, prevent microbial overload in the candy processing process, to promote candy safety.

At the same time, candy machinery failure is the most unwilling to see things; failure means that the production line needs to stop, the equipment needs to be repaired, all of these will be the development of impact, to avoid disappointment to make these developments are not limited, to bring manufacturers continue to increase the growth of space, that candy machinery how to reduce the occurrence of failure.

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