Selection criteria for dough machine


Selection criteria for dough machine

The dough machine is the leading equipment of the pasta processing series, which is generally used for commercial steamed buns, institutions, and school canteens. It mainly mixes wheat and water according to the ratio of 1:0.38--1:0.45 to make dough according to user requirements. The dough mixer can also be applied in cake shops, twists, and other similar materials. There are many types of kneading machines on the market, with prices ranging from a few hundred yuan to tens of thousands of yuan, bringing specific difficulties for merchants in choosing. How to choose a dough mixer that suits you?

1. Look at the match. If it is a steamed bun, the dough mixer, and steamed bun machine are used together, generally choose a one-time mixing volume of 50 kg, which is commonly referred to as a two-bag noodle mixer; if it is used with steamed buns and steamed buns, Generally choose 100 kilograms and above, good matching can give full play to the effect of the dough mixer, and achieve the most significant production effect;

2. Look at the material. Now the dough mixer is divided into bucket steel, liner steel, and full steel. Inner steel refers to the inside and outside of the dough bucket is stainless steel, and the outer shell is painted; dough steel refers to the knowledge and out of the dough bucket is stainless steel, and all-steel refers to the 201 stainless steel material including the guard plate;

3. Look at the purpose. Because the twist bar of the dough maker is different, the dough is also extra. According to the characteristics of the agitator, it is divided into paddle type, blade type, and oval type. Every kind of agitator has a different applicable scope. For example, the J-type paddle type is suitable for making crispy and tough dough and mixing and cutting during the mixing process;

4. Look at the transmission mode. Now there are three drive modes of dough mixer: gear drive, hardened gear reducer, and worm gear reducer.

The above are the points to pay attention to when buying a dough mixer. Sinofude will serve you sincerely.