How to solve the problem of the dough mixer


How to solve the problem of the dough mixer


The application of kneading machines in the pasta processing industry is more and more extensive. A kneading machine is a pasta machine that thoroughly mixes water and noodles instead of manual kneading. How to solve some problems in the dough mixer?


1. Some materials in the dough mixer do not move


Maintenance method: There is only one reason for this failure, which is caused by too little or too much dough. To solve this problem, we can adjust the input of raw materials to make the dough mixer work normally. Remember not to work when the machine is working. Reach in.


2. Oil leakage from the dough mixer


Repair method: Generally, the shaft sleeve, sealing plate, oil seal, and other accessories are broken. Just replace the corresponding accessories. Or this happens every time you fill up too much oil.


3. Water leakage in the dough mixer


Repair method: replace the same type of oil seals if the oil seals on both sides of the dough mixer are damaged. If you are buying a new machine, this will also happen. You need to put the noodles first and then add water to plug the noodles gap to prevent water leakage.


4. There is a black face on the face


Maintenance method: This situation is due to the abrasion of the mixing shaft, oil seal, sealing plate, etc., inside the mixer, and the wearing parts are damaged due to long-term use. The replacement of wearing pieces can be relatively simple, and you can replace them by yourself. If the use time is too long, the stirrer also needs to be replaced.


5. Loud noise when making dough


Maintenance method: This situation may be caused by the lack of lubrication of the gears for a long time, which leads to the lack of oil in the packs. The remaining dirty oil should be removed when replacing it. Replace it every three months in the future, and select 20/30 oil. Another reason is that the gear gap changes, and the gap must be adjusted. If you cant operate it yourself, its best to ask a professional repairer for repairs.


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