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Candy packaging machinery in the safety design features, there are three main points, of which safety and health is the most important premise.

1. To meet the needs of food safety and production safety.
Candy packaging machinery in the protection of the use of safety design purposes, is to make the producer in the process of food production without injury, and to ensure the safety of food processing.
Food safety and production safety are two important aspects of food machinery safety and health design, on the one hand, lies in the food itself, on the other hand, lies in the concern for the safety of the producer, in the design process, these two aspects are indispensable.

2. Highlight the importance of safety and hygiene.
That is, in the actual production process, the focus should be on food safety and production safety. Safety and hygiene should be given priority over economic benefits, i.e., economic benefits should be considered under the premise of achieving safety and hygiene. The application of this design concept can well ensure the safety of food and the purpose of food production.

3. Safety and hygiene design has priority.
Is the safety and health as the premise of food machinery safety and health design, all the design should be carried out around safety and health, there is no safety and health there is no food machinery safety and health design. In the design process, take the relevant technical means to adhere to the safety and health as the core, so as to effectively ensure that the subsequent design can be effectively carried out.


What is the main goal of the design of confectionery equipment?

1. Applicability
Mainly refers to the candy packaging machinery safety and health design of the relevant content can be applied in actual production, to effectively meet production needs, to ensure the safety and reliability of food. Applicability is the premise of the design, but also the design to play a role and apply to the production of the prerequisite guarantee.

2. Stability
In the process of food production, food machinery safety and health design needs to ensure stability, food machinery in operation, to meet the needs of production and effectiveness of the work, will not lead to intermittent production or bring safety risks.

3. Normality
Focus on the requirements of production from the perspective of the relevant means of survival process and the actual needs of the combination, in this normative requirements to effectively ensure that the corresponding food production to continue.

4. Reliability
Food production process, according to the actual production needs, food machinery can work reliably and effectively, and machinery and equipment can reach the expected service life needs.

5. Safety
Safety is an important goal of the design, reflected in the two aspects of human and machine safety. On the one hand, people use food machinery can be normal production, machinery and equipment will not harm people's bodies; on the other hand, the smooth operation of food machinery, will not produce pollution of food, and equipment failure rate is very low, will not cause harm to people and food.

6. Technical
Food machinery safety and health design of technical, focus on the production point of view and economic point of view, in order to meet the actual production needs at the same time, but also to ensure a lower cost, to meet the economic needs of food production. Technical design process, focus on the different design options for comparison, the relevant costs associated with the comparison, so as to achieve the optimal choice of the program.

candy packaging machinery safety and health design specific requirements are?

1). safety design.
Food machinery safety and health design process, the safety aspects of the design, the need to take direct safety measures, the possible existence of food production hazards to eliminate, to ensure that food machinery safety production with a high degree of safety. Secondly, from the perspective of indicative safety measures and additional preventive measures to make up for the shortcomings brought about by direct safety measures, so as to ensure that food machinery safety and hygiene design to meet the actual production needs, to avoid the existence of dangerous factors.

2) . Hygienic design.
From the point of view of hygienic design, need to start from to material selection, design and manufacture, indicative hygiene requirements 3 aspects. Material selection process, the materials used in food machinery to have non-toxic, odorless, non-polluting, corrosion-resistant properties, will not cause pollution and harm to the production and processing of food materials. Design and manufacturing process, food machinery to facilitate the cleaning, sterilization, disinfection, the possible sources of pollution to facilitate, rapid processing, to meet production needs. Indicative hygiene requirements, the need to ensure that food to avoid contamination, and in the maintenance of equipment, cleaning process, with clear regulations and requirements.

3) . Structural design.
Structural design is mainly for the food safety production level, in the design process, should consider the 3 aspects of structural shape, relative position, and movement state. Structure shape design, take into account the human contact position to maintain clean, neat, in line with operational needs. In the process of position design, the need for better control of food machinery, to avoid personnel in the operation of machinery, mechanical injury, motion state design process, to maintain the machinery in normal operation, the equipment can have a high degree of stability and reliability. Motion design, the equipment may appear overload danger, balance danger and other related issues need to be resolved to avoid safety accidents.

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