Analysis of common problems of a dough machine


When the dough machine often used in restaurant kitchen fails, what are the reasons? Today, I will briefly introduce you, hoping to help you.

Malfunction One: Water leaks on both sides of the dough mixer;

Reason: The oil seals on both sides of the dough mixer are damaged;

Solution: Replace the oil seal of the same type.

Malfunction Two:the kneading machine squeezes the black noodles;

1. There is a large gap between the auger shaft of the dough mixer and the buckets on both sides;
2. The oil seal is damaged;

1. Check whether the auger shaft is worn or not, and re-weld and process it;
2. Replace the oil seal of the same model.

Malfunction Three:the kneading machine is weak;

1. The V-belt of the dough mixer is loose during use;
2. Low voltage or lack of phase power;
3. The motor of the dough mixer is damaged, weak, and unable to move;

1. Fasten the triangle belt;
2. Re-adjust the power supply;
3. Replace or repair the motor.

Malfunction Four:the kneading machine is noisy;

1. The gear tooth clearance is too large or too small;
2. The bearings of the dough mixer are damaged;
3. The dough mixer vibrates intensely;

1. Adjust the tooth gap;
2. Replace bearings of the same type;
3. Tighten the motor screws and fix the dough mixer.

Malfunction Five:When the kneading machine reverses, the bucket falls outwards;

Reason: the head of the positioning pin of the dough mixer is bent;

1. Replace the positioning pin;
2. Process another piece;
3. Correct and process based on original parts.