The working principle and the main functions of the dough mixer


The working principle and the main functions of the dough mixer 

The dough making machines adopts a unique model structure, the seals and bearings are easy to replace, and the kneading process is smooth and quiet so that the protein in the flour will fully absorb water in the shortest time and form the best gluten network. The surface of the dough is smooth and beautiful. So that the toughness and biting strength of the dough reach the best state.

Main functions of the dough mixer

Kneading: Kneading adds water and other ingredients to the flour and stirs for a certain period. The gluten and gliadin will gradually absorb water and swell and bond to each other to form a continuous film-like matrix that crosses each other and creates a three-dimensional shape. It has an extensible, elastic, viscous, and plastic gluten network structure to be further used by people, such as making noodles, dumplings, bread, biscuits, and other pastries.

Wake up noodles: Wake up noodles refer to the reconciled noodles and let them stand for a while before further processing or cooking. This process is called waking up noodles. The method of waking up the noodles makes the reconciled noodles easier to process. The noodles made are more chewy and soft, and the taste is more delicate and smooth.

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How to skillfully use the dough mixer

The position of the kneading machine in the pasta industry is becoming more and more critical, especially for steamed buns. Enterprises or canteens that produce pasta will choose kneading machines. It replaces labor, improves production efficiency, and saves time and effort. In the process of using the kneading device, there will be many problems. How to improve the service life of the dough making machines and the safe use of the kneading machine must be considered. How to improve the service life of the kneading machine and the safe use of the kneading machine must be considered.

In the process of using the kneading machine, many people will not clean it after using it. They accumulate for a long time before starting to clean them, which affects the taste of the pasta and affects the service life of the kneading machine. Because some pasta needs Adding alkali, etc., these will corrode the dough mixer, especially in summer. If it is not cleaned for a long time, the noodles will be fermented, resulting in the taste of the pasta.
When using the dough mixer, you must know the capacity of the dough mixer. Do not exceed the dough amount of the dough mixer each time. Overloading the dough for a long time will cause damage to the motor. After each shift, the maximum It is good to pour a few drops of oil into the oil injection hole, and do not allow dry grinding of gears and the like, which will damage the bags and the like.

There are many types of dough making machines. Choose the one that suits you when buying. Don't choose blindly. 

How to clean the dough mixer

As the application of kneading machines in the pasta processing industry becomes more and more widespread, customers are paying more and more attention to the quality and after-sales service of kneading machines. There are many manufacturers of kneading machines. How to choose kneading machines is also a comparison. Headache, to let everyone better understand the dough mixer, you need to consider a series of issues such as the manufacturer's qualifications, production capacity, research, and development capabilities when you buy the dough mixer after-sales team. The dough mixers produced by Sinofude include WH series dough mixers.
Choose the dough mixer that suits you, and how to clean the dough mixer after use is a problem that everyone is more concerned about. Now I will show you how to clean the dough mixer.

If it is small, it can be shoveled off with a spatula. Be careful not to leave scratches on the surface of the bucket. You can wrap the spatula with a moistened towel. If it is cleaned with water, it must be poured slowly. Do not pour in a large area with a water pipe. The water level should not exceed the auger shaft to prevent overflowing water from damaging the parts. It is not advisable to add too much water to the dough in summer, which will quickly cause the dough to become weak and not gluten. Easy to stick with and other problems. After cleaning, wipe the water dry with a damp cloth, apply cooking oil on the contact surface, and add engine oil to the part that needs to be filled with engine oil.
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