What types of candy machinery are there? How is candy produced?


We see a variety of candy machinery. Depending on the type of candy, candy machinery is divided into chocolate machines, malt candy machines, fudge machines, etc.

But the basic principle of producing candy is roughly the same, only differing according to the characteristics of the candy raw materials and the shape of the desired candy.

The following is an introduction to hard candy machinery and marshmallow machinery: the process of hard candy is: 

dissolving sugar → vacuum boiling sugar → mixing → cooling → forming → cooling → inner wrapping → outer wrapping.

What is the production process of candy?

1. First, the raw materials for candy making are melted in the sugar boiling machine at a high temperature of about 109 degrees Celsius.

2. the melted syrup is put into a vacuum sugar boiling machine at 120 degrees Celsius and then sent to a mixer for mixing.

3. After mixing, put it into the cooling machine for cooling, then make the shape and wait for 3 minutes of cooling on the conveyor belt, then it can be packed inside, but the temperature should be adjusted well.

4. Finally, it is the outer packaging, and it becomes the candy we can buy!


So how are marshmallows produced?

The streets can often be seen, the children, especially like the cotton candy production machinery, is very simple, is the use of centrifugal force.

1. heating the sugar to a semi-molten state through the tank of liquefied gas.

2. relying on the centrifugal force of an electrically rotating flywheel driving the machine's variable speed device to rapidly rotate the sugar syrup, which is cooled in the air and turned into cotton wool.

3. and then use a stick to collect cotton flakes also on the line.

The principle of candy machinery all have one thing in common - melting, then processing, then cooling, molding and packaging.

Candy machinery is the production of various types of candy machinery and equipment. Candy is white sugar, powdered sugar syrup (precipitate or other edible sugar) or allows the use of sweeteners, food coloring as the main raw material, according to certain production process requirements for processing made of solid or semi-solid sweet food.

In China, during festivals or happy events, candy will be distributed to express joy.

Common candy machinery includes: automatic turning sugar coating machine, milk candy production line, hard candy automatic forming production line, two-color bubble gum production line, lollipop production line, chewing gum production line/mixer, chewing gum production line/extruder, punching hard candy forming machine, etc.

Sinofude Provide main candy machinery production lines are hard candy production line; flaky chewing gum production line; two-color fancy bubble gum production line; lollipop production line; hollow sphere-shaped bubble gum production line; hard candy puffing machine; two-color sandwich egg roll machine production line; candy coating machine, crushing machine and other candy equipment.

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