It is important to understand that these four points are crucial for the maintenance of candy-making equipment.


Candy making equipment as the operating time intensifies, the performance of the entire performance will cause a decline in the situation, so it is difficult to play a stable work, manufacturers if the work is ongoing, but also cause serious material waste, can not bring any development space for manufacturers, maintenance work can be a comprehensive solution to these problems.

The following sinofude details the following four points that should be noted for the maintenance of candy production equipment.


1.Frequency of use

There are limits to the use of equipment, and not endlessly running, in many manufacturers will use the equipment more frequently than the equipment operating limits. However, it is possible to get a good market value, but this has a huge impact on the life of the equipment, often not to the use of years, the equipment is basically close to scrapping, so the appropriate control of the frequency of use of equipment is significant so that the equipment can be relieved, Therefore, it is important to control the frequency of use of the equipment so that the equipment can be relieved so that it can complete more production and processing.


Our analysis of past cases, as long as the equipment failure problem needs to be completed immediately to solve the work, even if it can not be solved to shut down the equipment, in fact, many small failures are caused by the accumulation of these small problems, so the problem should be solved immediately.

3.Dust cleaning

Long-term use of candy production equipment will leave a lot of dust if the equipment wrapped in full of dust continue to work; not only will it have an impact on the candy food safety, motor heat dissipation processing is also a big problem, dust blocking heat dissipation holes so that the motor continues to complete processing at high temperatures, the motor life is seriously affected, the necessary maintenance work is very critical, the outer layer of the equipment to remove all the dust, so that the motor Operating temperature is released even if the continuous processing is not affected by the motor.

4.Parts lubrication

The internal components of the candy production equipment play an important role in the performance of the machine. Still, under continuous processing, the effect of wear and tear of the parts intensifies, so the necessary lubricants need to be added to ease the parts' wear and tear and play a certain protective role to extend the service life of the equipment.

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