How is the candy produced, and what production conditions need to be met?


How is the candy produced, and what production conditions need to be met?

Sweet candy is a snack that many people like, whether adults or children; candy is always beautiful to people.
Candy is a kind of confectionery pastry, referring to a snack with sugar as the main ingredient. Candy can be divided into hard candy, hard sandwich candy fruit, creamy candy fruit, gel candy, polished candy, gum-based candy, inflatable candy, and pressed candy.


Production process considerations

(A) Production process.
1. hard candy, lactose fruit, etc.: sugar, starch syrup → dissolved sugar → filtering → grease mixing (lactose fruit) → boiling → inflatable (inflatable candy) → cooling → blending → forming → cooling → selection → packaging.

2. gel candy: sugar, starch syrup → sugar dissolution → filtering → gel agent boiling → pouring mold → drying → (sieving → clear powder → mixing sand →) packaging.

3. Gum-based candy: gum-based preheating → mixing (adding various raw materials and additives) → discharging → molding → packaging.

4. Tablet candy: mixing of raw materials → tablet forming → packaging.

(B) the key link.
1.Reduced sugar control.

2.Caramelized candy caramelization treatment control.

3.Inflatable candy inflatable degree of control.

4.Gel candy gel agent use technology.

5.Finished product packaging control

(C) easy to appear quality and safety problems.
1. Return to sand or molten.

2. Moisture or reducing sugar content is not qualified.

3. Lactose products protein, fat failure.

4 lactose-containing fruit and inflatable candy, due to dairy products' addition, easy to cause microbial indicators to exceed the standard.

Fourth, the necessary production conditions.

(A) the production site.
Candy production enterprises must have the necessary production environment and the production of raw and auxiliary materials, production plant, finished goods warehouse, and inspection room.

(B) the necessary production equipment.
1. gum-based candy: (1) preheating and mixing equipment; (2) molding equipment; (3) packaging equipment.

2. tablet candy: (3) mixing and stirring equipment; (2) tablet molding equipment; (3) packaging equipment.

3. Other confectionery (except gum-based confectionery and tablet pressed confectionery): (1) sugar melting equipment; (2) boiling equipment; (3) cooling equipment; (4) inflatable equipment (necessary for inflatable confectionery); (5) molding equipment; (6) packaging equipment (except for shaped products).

What can we do?

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