biscuit packaging machine, four reasons to fall in love with it


So far, the biscuit packaging machine is ridiculed by many people; why not choose the manual? Choose mechanical equipment is the wrong idea. 

biscuit packaging machine has many advantages of manual packaging can not be compared, what are the specific benefits? Next, the edges of the cookie packaging machine.

1. Food, drugs, and other products can be protected by packaging; according to health law, manual packaging is not allowed because it will contaminate the product, mechanical packaging to avoid direct manual contact with food and drugs to ensure the quality of health.

2. can reduce packaging costs, saving the cost of storage and transportation of bulk products, thereby significantly reducing the volume, thereby reducing packaging costs; at the same time, due to the cookie packaging machine volume is reduced considerably, saving storage capacity, reducing storage and transportation costs, which is conducive to transportation.

3. can significantly improve labor productivity, slide plastic sealing machine mechanical packaging than manual packaging much faster, if it is candy packaging, manual sugar can only pack a dozen pieces a minute, candy packaging machine can reach hundreds or even thousands of parts per minute, increasing efficiency by dozens of times.

4. Mechanical packaging can effectively ensure the quality of packaging according to the requirements of the packaging project, the exact packaging specifications can be obtained according to the required shape and size, but manual packaging can not be guaranteed, which is essential for the export of goods, only mechanical packaging to achieve the standardization of packaging, standardization, in line with the requirements of the collective packaging.


At sinofude Machine & Equipment Ltd, we specialize in manufacturing and exporting biscuit sandwiching machines and biscuit production lines. 

Our cookie production line includes automated systems for forming machines, cooling equipment, and core sandwich machines. Also, our product line comprises in-line sandwich and in-line box and packaging machines.

As the global cookie market continues to grow and diversify its products, flexibility, and adaptability become essential factors for success. Automation solutions address these variables, combining quality with premium products. The machine can package any cookie edge, from round, square, rectangular, to sandwich cookies.

Innovative features ensure optimal product control requirements for the entire packaging line, i.e., from product loading into the cross-chain to packaging sealing, e.g., fully servo-controlled product transfer pre-acceleration from the cross-chain to the packaging machine feed chain. This enables optimal synchronization between the conveyor and the supply chain, eliminating the product's impact and ensuring product quality.

A high degree of layout flexibility provides manufacturers with a layout that is tailored to their specific needs. The modular design allows for scalable solutions, facilitating the expansion of production capacity and increasing automation, from manual loading to fully automated solutions.

Sinofude offers a suite of cookie production systems, confectionery production, chocolate production, packaging, and more. Contact us to learn how we can help your company produce better products more economically.