How to make the chocolate beans that children love to eat?


In addition to eating chocolate beans, they are also played with a variety of new ways ... For example, the colorful chocolate beans are arranged according to color, but it is neat and tidy, pleasing to the eye, the gospel of OCD patients ... But I still can't help but a monologue, "eat! Stop playing and eat!" 

Chocolate beans

Today we will take you on a tour of the sinofude chocolate factory to see how chocolate beans are made.

Mixed ingredients
This time, we are introducing the most classic milk chocolate flavor. The first thing to make is the core, which requires mixing cocoa powder, chocolate liquor, milk, and other ingredients into a thick brown fluid as follows...

Mix them until they are as smooth and creamy as shown in the advertisement...

The concave mold for pressing the beans
Next, we need to use the following roller, which is the mold for making chocolate beans... The professional term is "cooling forming roller," which is usually a pair and pre-carved half bean concave mold. When the work, the two rollers are aligned, a seamless inner cavity will also form a whole bean.

Bean press concave mold

Flowing into the concave mold
The temperature-adjusted chocolate paste flows between the opposing rotating rollers, filling the concave die with chocolate paste.
After extrusion from the die
As the rollers continue to rotate, the chocolate syrup, which the last wave has pushed, passes through the rollers and then gradually cools and solidifies, forming a large band of chocolate beans hand in hand and heart to heart.
There is also a small machine to handle this "candy band in the arduous candy-making process."
To get back to the point, we need to remove the excess parts of the chocolate core that are still attached.

Separating the core
After passing through the cooling channel, in addition to allowing the core to cool entirely and stabilize, it will also make the edges around the heart harder, so it will also be easier to break under the force. After feeding this giant slab of connected chocolate into the rotating tumbler, it's time to break their bonds and separate them into lentil-shaped chocolates!

To become the chocolate beans we eat in our mouths, a hard coating is missing...and that's the secret to its sweetness and deliciousness.


The chocolate cores are fed into the coating machine: the seats are rolled around inside the drum, while the surface is evenly sprayed with a syrup made of granulated sugar and gelatin. It is said that at the beginning of the sale of chocolate beans in the United States, in the summer is not sold well, mainly because the high-temperature chocolate is easy to melt until sinofude factory in 1990 introduced edible film technology, chocolate beans in the summer can not be dissolved, technology is the first productivity ...

Sugarcoating coloring
The coloring process is carried out at the same time as the coating layer is added. Each chocolate bean needs to go through several iterations of the coating operation to form a solid and smooth surface.
After the coating is completed, it is also polished and brightened to give it a more colorful appearance.

Neatly printed letters
Of course, we can't forget to arrange the beans one by one and then print the logo in rows with edible paint.

Mix and match
Sometimes we can buy a mixed version in the supermarket - a colorful pack of chocolate beans mixed in a particular ratio before leaving the factory.


Next, the chocolate beans of a specific size are fed and packed according to their weight.

Packing and loading
The robot then sucks the packed small packages into the cartons under negative pressure, and we can meet them in convenience stores, kiosks, supermarkets, and even airport duty-free shops~

Do you already have a thorough understanding of the chocolate bean molding process? Sinofude is a manufacturer of chocolate bean forming machines; if you have any questions about this, please contact us.