chocolate coating machine, how to help snack food to wear "chocolate coat."


chocolate coating machine, how to help snack food to wear "chocolate coat."

"You can't say no to chocolate, just like you can't say no to love." This is the line from the movie "Chocolate."

To say what food is a very healing effect, that chocolate flavor of all food must be arranged on, imagine through the window, see the CBD flow of traffic, this time to a bite of chocolate ------

At this point, we must name a wave of chocolate food ~ chocolate wafer cookies, chocolate egg rolls, chocolate custard pie, chocolate candy ------, but today is not to introduce the food, but the food just named have a common point - the food surface covered with the chocolate layer.

Speaking of which, I must introduce you to a piece of machinery necessary to produce these treats.

Chocolate Coating Machine - Manufacturer: Shanghai Fude Machinery Manufacturing Co,

It is the chocolate coating machine. The chocolate coating machine is the special equipment for producing chocolate coated products, which can cover various kinds of chocolate paste on many different types of food products, such as candy, pastry, cookie, etc. on the surface, bottom or full coating to form unique chocolate products.

The chocolate coating mechanism includes a circuit system, drive motor, mesh belt, chocolate system, heat preservation system and coating hanging mechanism, which is the crucial part that can coat the food with rich chocolate syrup.

Chocolate blowing machine

Chocolate blowing machine

The chocolate blowing mechanism controls the thickness of the chocolate on the surface of the food. The duct can be controlled by variable speed control. The mesh belt vibration can prevent the fall of excess chocolate paste, and the tail remover can remove the trailing chocolate paste.

Usually, the chocolate coating machine is used to coat the food on a single surface. Still, when used in combination with the biscuit turning mechanism or pressure roller mechanism, the food can be covered on the bottom.

Cookie flipping machine

Most of the chocolate coating machines introduced above are suitable for mass production in factories. Still, some coating products require precise positioning, which requires a particular positioning coating mechanism.

chocolate coating machines

It is found that a lot of chocolate gourmet production needs it; however, chocolate food machinery is still quite a variety, including fine grinding machines, powdered sugar machines, holding tank, chocolate pumps, cooling tunnel, etc. Subsequently, I will introduce more exciting food machinery and equipment to you.
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