SINOFUDE-Hard candy production line manufacturer


SINOFUDE-Hard candy production line manufacturer

As a well-known food machine in Shanghai, SINOFUDE has developed from a single fudge depositing machine, chocolate depositing machine, and small biscuit machine to three factories after more than 20 years of development. The product range covers all kinds of high-end chocolate and chocolate products and candies. A group company of fully automatic bakery production lines, 80% of its products are exported to more than 60 regions and regions such as Southeast Asia, Eastern Europe, and Africa.

In the past 20 years, we have continued innovating and developing in technology, significantly improving the processing and production level and technological level of existing products. Simultaneously, we have developed many new products according to market development and needs. Our main products include jelly gum production lines, Powder mould production line, hard candy pouring production line, lollipop running a production line, hard candy die production line. Lollipop pass production line, cereal bar production line, sugar row production line, etc., chocolate refiner, chocolate pouring machine, chocolate coating machine, etc., High-end crispy/toughness biscuit production line and other non-standard customized products and some new products such as the more popular popping beads, cold sky crystal ball production line and other products.

chocolate pouring machine

With the improvement of social living standards, post-80s and even post-90s who are increasingly looking for fashion, taste, and characteristics have gradually become the leading consumer group. Chocolate machinery has become a trend of intelligent, high-end, and large-capacity.

Our company invented a chocolate pouring machine to solve common intelligence problems and low production efficiency. The invention uses a conveying device to drive the mould plate. The processed chocolate liquid is placed on the mould plate by the liquid injection machine and Use wireless receivers, wireless transmitters. To overcome the automatic camera's cooperation and the processor in the prior art to achieve wireless remote control, the chocolate on the mould tray is then transported to the next process through the conveying device to realize automation, intelligence and improve work efficiency.

This product is designed by general international standards and has a stand-alone production. You can also combine it with supporting production lines to produce various granular and block-shaped chocolates such as pure chocolate, sandwich chocolate, broken pralines, two-colour chocolate, etc.

Packaging Machine

The packaging forms of candy and chocolate mainly include twist packaging, pillow packaging, and folding packaging. The foldable packaging is mostly used for chocolate products. The sweets are suitable for rolls, strips, and multipacks. This type of packaging has higher requirements for packaging equipment and packaging materials.

Packaging machinery includes a single-knot packaging machine, folding packaging machine, high-speed pillow packaging machine and so on. There are multi-functional colour chocolate pouring lines, automatic chocolate composite products, chocolate extrusion moulding lines, and rapid chocolate refiners in terms of chocolate equipment.

In the production process of industrial soft candies, a casting machine is often used to cast them, which can significantly increase soft candies' production efficiency. The casting machine mainly processes the ingredients for making soft candies to mix and react. Then pour it into the candy model from the inside of the tank in time to cool down, and then the soft candy can be made.