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1. This machine is developed on our own, is so far have this machine manufacturer.

2. what are popping beads, popping beads how to do, with what materials to do? 

This is a brand new product, similar in appearance to the pearl milk tea, but bite through the outer skin; inside is the juice flow! The production of popping beads in 2 parts, the internal juice or chocolate, any flowable liquid can be added; external coating of the primary material is sodium alginate. If you need the recipe, can contact me.

3. the use of popping beads: 

can be used in yogurt, milk tea, tea, and other beverages, ice cream, hot and cold drinks, and food, can be put in!

4. machine output:popping beads equipment production efficiency of 50 kg per hour, the machine is fully automatic. The size of the popping beads can be adjusted, generally within the range of 0.5-1.5 mm is not a problem!

5. Popping beads details: the main ingredients: freshly squeezed juice and sodium alginate, shape: spherical. Sphere weight: 0.8g ~ 1.2g / grain use: room temperature, low temperature, cold drinks are available; can be used for milk tea, fruit drinks, milk drinks, cake decoration, tart sandwich, ice porridge, etc. Product items: fruit juice flavor (strawberry, mango, blueberry, green apple, sweet orange, lychee, grape, etc.), chocolate, etc.


6. Equipment production line introduction: The equipment is developed and produced by Shanghai Fude Machinery Manufacturing Co. Adopt PLC control system, fully automatic. The entire production line is made of stainless steel, in line with food hygiene standards. Combined with the popping beads' production process, the popping beads (popping boba) produced by the production line are bright in color, round and beautiful in shape, and delicious in taste. According to the production process, the production line contains a variety of flavors.


Popping beads and popping eggs production equipment with unique technology to the juice and other wrapped in film, boiling, cooling, drying and other processes to produce natural ingredients, when the external force of a slight squeeze, popping beads break, the flow of juice inside, the taste is strange and exciting, impressive. The existing popping beads of flavors are mango, lychee, strawberry, passion fruit, orange, cantaloupe, grape, blueberry, coconut, apple, chocolate, etc.

The composition of popping beads 


The high-speed production line of popping beads, magic beans, and popping eggs developed by our company consists of raw material juice blending supply system, titration system, forming system, filtration system, cleaning, and curing system, filling and sealing system, sterilization system, and PLC control system. Combined with domestic and foreign technology characteristics, fully automatic line design, high speed, high stability, and stable molding effect is the recommended equipment for large and medium-sized food and beverage enterprises. Popping beads popping egg production equipment products have been successfully applied to yogurt, milk tea, yogurt, and other dairy products; according to the product characteristics of popping beads, its application can be further expanded. From the process point of view, popping beads popping egg production equipment is simple; the product's main feature is the thickness of the outer film of popping beads and the flavor of the juice wrapped inside the blend of taste.


Product characteristics: round and transparent, brilliant. Innovative: taste, texture, and eating pleasure of the new experience. Suitable for catering: Chinese, Western, Japanese and other kinds of cuisine. Ice: beverages, ice cream, shaved ice, etc. Baking: decoration and addition of pastry cakes. Breakfast: additions to beverages, interior, cold, and other seasoned foods. Can be made according to the need to make a variety of taste such as strawberry magic beans, passion fruit magic beans, mango magic beans, yogurt magic beans, orange magic beans, etc.


Shanghai Fude Machinery has many years of experience in manufacturing boba machines, is a reliable automatic popping boba line manufacturers;

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