Craft and use precautions for Open Type Cooking Kettles


For decades, we have been designing reactors to meet all processing requirements. Open Type Cooking Kettles are made to ASME specifications with a wide variety of set styles and pressure ranges and can be supplied with a wide variety of features and accessories. All of our reactors can be modified or customized to meet your specifications, whether you need to accommodate existing floor dimensions, inlets, room sizes, or other restrictions. We can customize our products to fit your facility and your specific process, including vacuum and pressure operation.
For fast, gentle processing and maximum ease of production, open cooking pans offer high-speed performance, increased productivity, and elimination of burning and scorching product losses. All self-contained pans are thermostatically controlled to heat and maintain any product at the desired temperature, ensuring product stability and temperature uniformity. These units are factory filled with chemically pure water with rust inhibitors to ensure long life and minimal maintenance. There is no need for a direct water connection.
Open steamer for dissolving ingredients, mixing, or steaming syrup up to 150°C and cooking syrup temperature setting with automatic control.
The open-type cooking kettle is equipped with a waste stirrer for uniform mixing and no sedimentation during steaming.
The material of the cooker and stirrer is SUS304 or SUS316L stainless steel.
The frame material is also made of stainless steel and can be equipped with a weighing sensor for an automatic supply of raw materials.
The heating method can be steam heating, induction heating, or electric heating oil heating.

Open Type Cooking Kettles Specifications:

Precautions for using open cooking pans
1、Do not cook without supervision.
2、Check the safety of the body.
3、Tie long hair.
4、Roll-up long sleeves.
5、Check the safety of the cooking pot before each use.
6、Make sure you don't smell a gas stove leak, and if you do, open a window and leave the room.
7、Make sure there is nothing in the cooking pot. Cooking pans should never be used to store anything.
8、Make sure there are no food particles or grease residue in the cooking pot.
9、Please keep it clean. Food particles and grease residue can ignite a fire.
10、Create a "kid-free zone" where children know they can't go
11、Remove loose jewelry.
12、Make sure shoes are slip-resistant.
13、Observe safety standards when using empty cooking pot burners.
14、Do not heat empty pans.
15、Keep gloves and other cloths and paper away from open cooking pans.
16、Turn off open cooking pans immediately after removing or testing food.
17、Keep a fire extinguisher, baking soda, and metal lid nearby for quick extinguishing.

Open Type Cooking KettlesOpen Type Cooking Kettles

What should I do in case of a fire?
1、Never pour water to put out a fire.
2、If the pan's fire is small, you can throw soda on top or cover it with a metal lid.
3、Do not fan the flames with flour or towels.
4、Use a Class ABC dry chemical fire extinguisher. Ensure it is placed next to the exit and be evacuated from the home if the fire is uncontrollable.
5、If the fire is too large to be plugged with a lid or extinguished with a fire extinguisher, turn off the burner. If possible, remove the pan from the burner and demolish the house.
6、Do not remove the lid or open the oven door until the cooking pot has cooled completely.
7、Be sure to remove everyone from home before attempting to extinguish the fire.
8、Turn off the burner or cooking pot.
9、If the fire does not go out, exit the home and call for emergency help.

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