Adding beneficial active ingredients to gummies


Starchless depositing: Adding beneficial ingredients to your candies with the little danger of cross-contamination.

Adding beneficial active ingredients to gummies is the future! Why swallow a pill if you can eat a nice candy consisting of functional components. Gummies are particularly formulated to promote health benefits like immune assistance, bone health, sleep, and stress support. The Fude gummy Moulding makes the production of these edibles possible.

The Fude gummy Moulding is developed to create your ideal gummy with a complete assembly line from ingredients to a sweet prepared for the product packaging line. The cooking area is designed to make soft gums and jellies (gelatin-pectin-based), and we tailor the equipment so your beneficial ingredients can be contributed to the candy mass. Accurate automated weighing is integrated to guarantee the exact dosing of your healthy ingredients. If the sweet assembly includes the needed last dry solids, taste, color, acid, and functionals, the lovely mass is ready for the Fude gummy Moulding. With the Fude gummy Moulding, you can create your own designed distinct sweet shape. When the sweets are shaped stable, they can be finished with acid sanding, and your gummy is ready to enter the market.

The starchless principle gets rid of the standard starch printed tray depositing. The risk of cross-contamination in classic starch molding is not appropriate for the practical active ingredient market. With the Fude gummy Moulding, you can have a devoted line for your offered gummies without the danger of cross-contamination because the only cleanable product is utilized.

fude gummy mould

Include helpful components like minerals, vitamins, botanicals, and fruit to your gummies.

The Fude gummy Moulding is likewise exceptionally suitable as CBD gummy production equipment. CBD, the practical oil from the cannabis plant, is one of the most-exciting offered active food ingredients at the moment. Users say they take it for numerous health benefits like discomfort and stress, and anxiety relief. With a specific CBD dosing unit, the precise automatic dosing of your beneficial active ingredient is controlled. If you have an interest in CBD gummy production devices, have a look at our equipment.

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