About the jelly candy what you need to know


What is jelly candy?

Jelly candies, also called gummy candies, fudge, jelly beans, and jelly beans, are a large category of gelatin-based chewable candies. Gummy candies and jelly beans are widely popular and are well-known products in the candy industry. Jelly candies come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and flavors. Haribo (a German brand) was the original gummy candy manufacturer, making Golden Bear gummies in 1920 in Bonn from their commercial jelly-making machine. Since then, the company has expanded its gummy candy line to include gummy frogs, gummy fruits, gummy mice, and gummy dinosaurs sold in stores and online around the world.

Eight popular jelly candy shapes around the world

Jelly candies come in different shapes; here is a list of some common jelly:

l  Gummy bears

l  Jelly jars

l  Jelly beans

l  Fruit Jelly

l  Lego gummy candy

l  Worm candy

l  Gummy shark

l  Jelly Loops

The seven benefits of jelly candies

Why jelly candies are popular all over the world, let's take a look at the top seven benefits of jelly candies:

l  Their fine texture and good taste characterize jelly candies.

l  Jelly candy is sweet, elastic, and chewy, and it brings you a wonderful taste.

l  You can easily design your own shape as you like, and you can even design your company logo.

l  You can easily combine multivitamins with your jelly candy, which is a healthy candy.

l  Jelly candies are highly competitive in the market compared to other forms of candy.

l  It is a healthy snack after exercise.

l  It is fat-free and contains protein, which can be beneficial if included in your diet.

Jelly Belly Recipe | Jelly Belly Recipe

Jelly candies have 3 different basic ingredients.

l  Gelatin Jelly Candy

l  Pectin-based jelly candy

l  Carrageenan Jelly Candy

Depending on the target market, you can use different types of ingredients to make jelly candies.

Jelly candies are made of gelatin | pectin | carrageenan, glucose syrup, sugar, purified water, sodium citrate, fruit and plant extracts, flavors, colors, and small amounts citric acid, etc. Mixing all these ingredients controls the various properties to get the best taste and texture.

You can make organic jellies, multivitamin jellies, and more approved by food experts for health benefits.

jelly candy

Let's take a look at the details of the main ingredients used to make jelly candies


The white stuff we know so well is sucrose, and like all compounds made up of these three elements, sugar is a carbohydrate. It is found naturally in most plants, but especially in sugar cane and sugar beets.


Gelatin is a natural protein derived from raw collagen and is a safe product. It contains eighteen amino acids, some of which are important components of a healthy diet.

It is the main ingredient needed to make gummy bears. When you mix it properly with the right amount of ingredients, including water, it will form a gel-like thick solution. Mixing gelatin under the right conditions will result in the formation of chewy, gummy jelly candy.

Glucose Syrup

Glucose syrup, also known as candy glucose, is a liquid sweetener that is well tolerated and very versatile. Glucose is sugar. It creates long carbohydrate molecules that keep all the sugars tangled together, preventing other sugars from crystallizing and giving the jelly candy a translucent appearance.

Purified water

The universal and primary solvent that you would use in mixing all the ingredients to make gummy candies. The ratio of water you add to a perfect mixture. It is also the main lubricating ingredient that assists in making gummy bears candies softer.

Sodium Citrate

Sodium citrate ensures the uniformity of the gummy bears and the purity of the product.


To give different flavor textures to the jelly candies. You can also make different types of jelly candy flavors, including orange, raspberry, cherry, grape, pineapple, strawberry, lemon, etc.

Food coloring

Food coloring, also known as color additives, is the key to making various chewing gum colors.

Citric acid

Citric acid is an important ingredient in jelly gum and helps to awaken the flavor. It comes from citrus fruits and fruit juices. It is also a preservative and ensures a long shelf life for jelly gum.

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