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SINOFUDE (Chunqi/Fuda Machinery) As a famous food machinery company in Shanghai, after more than 20 years of development, from a single fudge pouring machine, chocolate pouring machine, small cookie machine to a group of companies with three factories, the product range covers all kinds of high-end chocolate and chocolate products, confectionery, bakery automatic production line, 80% of products exported to Southeast Asia, Eastern Europe, Africa, and more than 60 regions.

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Background Technology.  

In the past 20 years, we have been innovating and developing in technology, improving the processing and production level of existing products and technology level a lot, and developing many new products according to the market development and needs. Our main products include gel fudge production line, powder mold production line, hard candy/ lollipop pouring production line, hard candy lollipop punching mold production line, cereal bar/ candy row production line, etc., chocolate fine grinding machine, chocolate pouring machine, chocolate coating machine, etc., high-grade shortening/ toughness cookie production line and other non-standard customized products and some new products such as the recently popular popping beads, cold sky crystal ball production line and other products.

When you open the chocolate package, you can smell the unique aroma of cocoa, not the strange smell or odor. Starch fondant is a kind of fondant made of starch and sugar as the primary raw materials, which is a kind of starch deep processing products; its texture is soft and slightly elastic, translucent, taste sweet and not greasy, smooth and refreshing when chewing, very popular with consumers, the market demand is strong. The recipe and proportion of raw materials for making starch fondant are starch 13%-25%, sugar 73%-83%, citric acid ~7%.

The cold sky crystal ball crystal clear, people love, and is a healthy food, good for the body, for the food, it is merely a great thing, both to meet the appetite, but also good for the body, what better something than this?

In addition to cocoa liquor, cocoa butter, and cocoa powder, the production of chocolate sets also requires sugar, dairy products, lecithin, spices, and surfactants. To adapt to the process requirements of chocolate production and to favorably mix the show, some raw materials have to be pre-treated.

The current situation of China's food machinery industry

In recent years, China's confectionery technology experts in the introduction, cooperation, independent and original achievements, in terms of confectionery equipment has launched inflatable milk sugar production line, colloidal fudge automatic line, ultra-film vacuum instant boiling unit, cotton candy production line, etc.; packaging machinery has a single twist knot packaging machine, folding packaging machine, high-speed pillow packaging machine, etc. Confectionery industry prospect analysis, chocolate equipment, there are multi-functional fancy chocolate pouring line, chocolate composite products automatic line, chocolate extrusion molding line, chocolate fasts fine grinding machine, etc. Multi-function is a trend in developing new equipment; because of the variety of candy patterns, fast updates, manufacturers require multi-functional equipment, adaptable. Now, most of the newly launched equipment uses the latest technology, such as servo motor and photoelectric tracking, which makes its automatic control ability greatly improved and realizes process automation.

But when randomly searching for equipment on the trading platform for machinery and equipment, it is not difficult to find; after entering a device often appears more than one enterprise has the same type of product; these products are incredibly similar in appearance, function, etc., to the consumer's choice to cause some trouble, disrupting the market order.

For food machinery, although not to appear because of too much concentration of raw materials and production disruption, relying on a single market is likely to hit the business hard. Therefore, the homogenization of China's machinery industry is very common.

China entered a high-speed development stage, various occupations are in rapid development, including the chocolate machinery industry.

Candy Machinery

At present, the major companies, to get used to the intense competition in the market, the cycle of commodity renewal is getting shorter and shorter. It is understood that cosmetic production usually can reach three years a change, or even a quarter a difference, together with a relatively large output.

A cold sky crystal ball forming the structure of the present invention, a screw pump is set between the feeding mechanism and the forming die, which can control the extrusion volume of the foaming agent so that the production capacity can be precisely controlled so that the production of a cold sky crystal ball can reach a high consistency; from the industrial structure can be seen on the chocolate machinery showcase and three-door cake showcase is still large scale, chocolate machinery into the food industry, the hot, triggered the attention of consumers.  

As a company in the field of bakery, chocolate, confectionery, and packaging machinery, Shanghai Chunqi Machinery Factory provides competitive and economical advanced equipment. It can provide customers with complete solutions to meet their needs! Our product range includes almost all processing, packaging equipment, and production lines for the bakery, chocolate, and confectionery industries, and even includes some related products such as steam boilers, generators, wrapping paper, raw materials, etc.

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