Candy to sell 800 million 3 years ancient legal system


In the raw material processing workshop, a head of 1 meters 1.5 meters wide, 2.8 meters high color separator is working. Company production manager Jacques: introduction, peanut crisp peanut producing raw materials mainly come from shandong, hebei, etc, from the supplier to purchase and supply to the factory, need after two acceptance, and qualified to into the factory production.

In order to ensure the quality of every grain peanuts, company buys the color machine, it can be based on the differences of the optical properties of material, using photoelectric detection technology to mildew, containing impurities of peanut or foreign body automatically selected. "The artificial screening of save trouble is much convenient than in the past, separation effect is significant." Jacques: said.

Raw material is the root of all the food. Jacques: say, from the origin to the enterprise, from the enterprise product, the company adhere to choose natural, fresh ingredients. Such trouble to "pick three three", is to let consumer eat at ease, restore natural taste.

In the food, the fact to brand named after the founder of the mostly represent the enterprise level of attention to the quality, and for the care of the brand. It represents not only a brand, but also enterprise's commitment to customers.

The situation in its own image for five prototypes, made a brand LOGO. In his view, this is a "guarantee" of huang Lao five brands, products, and also crisp huang family of four generations of ancestral an originality.

Besides optimizing raw material, from the workshop hygiene to the finished product testing, huang Lao five companies involved in the whole production process are higher than international standards, 10 strong control, ensure quality pass.