Foreign confectioners business is prosperous New Year, once a hundreds of pounds, finished product modelling is very "odd"


The Spring Festival will come, everyone is busy with all kinds of special purchases. Although because around necessities needed to have different customs, but there are some basic or in common, that is candy. Children like the Chinese New Year before one of the reasons is to be able to eat more sweets, now the child is no exception. And every year the Spring Festival is the large candy factory work overtime from time to time.
Is not only the candy factory of domestic and abroad is also busy. After all, people not only make sale in domestic market, also export to? Today we take a look at how foreign a candy factory in the production of candy, to see the finished product will certainly make you feel surprised, originally is such a kind of candy.
First in a large pot boil syrup, until the syrup until dark yellow you can pour boiling syrup in good case around the table. Plus the whole table of paving, to wait for the next syrup slowly cooling, in the process of cooling the color of the syrup is becoming more and more deep, from yellow to brown.
When the condense into a solid, the master is to constantly with the hand in a row. Wait until syrup completely after solidification molding, teacher put the whole piece of syrup in a special machine for stretching over and over again. The three iron rod on the machine continuously carried out in accordance with the eight children pulling with syrup, syrup, color is also more and more weak gradually turned into pink. In the other side of the machine also has brown, yellow and other colors of syrup.
Syrup before drawing is complete, we still have some flexibility, will they all stitching together to form a giant piece of candy. Put them in the machine to machine drawing them into long strips and then cut into small pieces. And then pass it again made into different shapes of candy machine. See here believe that you've had a guess, this is our common crutch sugar sugar. Now this kind of sugar is also very popular in China. I don't know how you feel?